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Together at home and at work, we chose to devote our Internet experience to working for you.

Who does what? We both know all the steps required to achieve the creation of an online service, even though we have our respective specialities.

Anne handles the administrative questions (Domain name reservation, web site hosting, billing...), as well as the main graphic design (main graphic charter, logo design, additional photographs...) and the multimedia aspect (interactive animations creation).
She will also gladly help you with both the contents and the structure of your web site.

(Ab)using computers for the last 25 years, Mirko has since made these his profession.
Besides his work has professional developer, system integrator and administrator, he also benefits from a long experience of the event and the publishing industries as well has a sound background as a reporter and in the media industry (both audio and video). He thus stands as the obvious contact for tasks involving editorial content to be made available online as well as printed or burnt to CDs and DVDs.
Mirko also has worked as a consultant for numerous Fortune-500 companies and can offer you his savoir-faire when it come to take new-technologies-related decisions.

Together, we can achieve the best for you.


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