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Here are some tools and technologies that we gladly rely upon when developing new services.
This list is obviously uncomplete as these evolve all the time. Anyway, given their intrinsic qualities, prefering these tools over others guarantees our works may be flawlessly transmitted and reused by others graphic industry professionals.

They publish the famous Photoshop (image manipulation program, special effects...) and Illustrator (vector drawing, logos, page prototyping, even DTP...) that professionals are accustomed to.

Apache is the most widely used web server software in the world. Developed for years by a growing army of benevolent programmers, it has since long proved its extreme reliability and excellent performances.

Innovating, performant and ergonomical products have been gaining Apple credibility for years, Their software platform, MacOSX, is not only acknowledged as reliable and powerful, but also as the most advanced content creation environment ever. Apple have also been improving their software range and now offer many top-of-the-range video and audio solutions.

Created in 1983, the FSF ("Free Software Foundation") has since been working upon the pharaonic developement of a Free Software Operating System: GNU (recursiv acronym standing for "GNU's Not Unix") based on the promising Hurd kernel. This word has required them to write a plethora of free, quality and evolving software, often used within corporate or organisation environments. These tools legally endorse the GNU General Public License which has been conceived to guarantee their independance and perenity.

Does Java still need an introduction? This object-oriented language allows the quick development of applets (small interactive programs which are required to be executed within a browser window) as well as of servlets (secured applications which are parallely being executed in the web server's memory).

It is as his hobby that Linus Benedict Torvalds, a Finnish student, began to develop a basic communication environment in 1991. He was quickly joined by a hord of highly skilled enthusiasts who made it the omnipresent Linux under his supervision. Now endorsed by huge corporations as well as administrations, Linux has been ported from Linus' 386 IBM PC to most of the existing hardware platforms, from circuits as tiny as jewels to professional, vehicle-sized, servers.

Originally aimed at developing multimedia interface creation software (multimedia devices, CD-I, CD-ROM...), Macromedia has rapidly become aware of the magnitude of the Internet phenomenon. They developed many industry-awarded content-creation tools like Dreamweaver (web site creation) and Flash (animation). As of April, 19 2005, they've been acquired by Adobe.

You want a relational database mangement system (RDBMS)? MySQL is not only free, but also ergonomical and performant. MySQL really becomes the obvious solution for who needs his web site to deliver contents dynamically.

Created by Larry Wall, Perl (for Practical Extraction and Report Language) is plebiscited by system admninistrators as well as webmasters. To be honest, it has spread so well that it now appears as a requisite in many head-hunters skill-lists. It's also used for test purposes at Microsoft's, even though they develop their own tools!

PHP is a programing language which is integrated into the HTML pages source code. Interpreted by the server, it allows the generation of charter-compliant dynamic pages. PHP was originally a stand-alone interpreter. First integrated into Apache, it has since been ported to other servers, including Microsoft's Internet Information Server.

Built over PHP and MySQL, PHPBB is a forum management engine. We can easily deploy it for you in order to provide your Internet site with a discussion area. Though there already are many themes aimed at customizing its aspect, we can also create one based on your own design.

"Système de publication pour l'Internet", Spip is one of very few Free multilingual CMS. Using its own page description syntax based upon HTML, it appears to be extremely versatile. Spip also includes many useful features such as its own statistical engine.

You want to edit your own e-zine, blog or Internet Gazette ? Don't look any further: Awarded for both its flexibility and its functionalities, WordPress has been coded in PHP and also uses the MySQL RDBMS. You can then be certain it will be easy to deployed at most Internet Service Providers'.


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